DEEP STATE Exposes Itself – oops! there it is

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: (Skip to “CURRENT BACKGROUND” if not interested) After all these many years, I confess that I’ve never really paid attention when I heard phrases such as, “Shadow Government” and “Deep State,” assuming, in a knee-jerk manner, that these were the paranoid products of conspiracy cuckoos, when in fact, […]

DEAR HARLEY, Please Don’t Go…

Dear Harley, Just heard the news. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave any workers in America unemployed, and please don’t cave in to the enormous financial stress you’re under by moving even one iota of production out of the USA in response to this tariff skirmish. Why? Because our country’s […]

Media Goose Steps Away From Trump Achievements

It’s not bad enough that our FBI conspired with anti-Trumpers amongst our elected and appointed officials (now proven with release of the IGO report) to try and deny Trump a fair election, but their co-conspirator, The Media, in lock step, has recently made things much worse (and much more obvious […]