Children, Recent Immigrants, & College Kids Easy to Brainwash

Children, Recent Immigrants, & College Kids Easy to Brainwash

Why do I say this? Because look at what’s happening to so many: Loss of sense of humor, decrease in spontaneity, twisted group-think, repetitive chanting (protests), illogical arguments, incivility, roiling anger, lack of empathy, meltdown syndrome, increased suicide rates, unwillingness to entertain other points of view, etc.

Who is at fault? Without a doubt IMO, I blame the Globalist-Agenda LEFT as they have been writing and promoting their Liberal “Utopian” vision for decades, along with dangerous group-think, radical propaganda, and more recently a coup to overthrow the duly elected President of The United States from both within and without. Globalist billionaires who have secure and opulent abodes all around the world and who also have no sense of patriotism or loyalty to the United States of America are attempting to turn the common masses into Consumer Bots who do as they are told and follow the herd.

How are they accomplishing this? M O N E Y – With boatloads of MONEY they can buy almost anything, even the nonstop, repetitive promotional propaganda used by the MSM to sell you their benefactors’ Utopian narrative reality and promote their agenda. Through their ownership and manipulation of the Media, the Entertainment Industry (and their celebrity gods), their bought and paid for political cronies, the heavily liberal education system, and if needed, their influence and misuse of the Big Banks. It’s really so awfully simple that it’s difficult to see the forest for the trees. Here are the steps:

  1. Create/Produce a Detailed Narrative that paints a plausible path to an “attainable” Utopian future for the masses (the present and future Consumer Class), that clearly identifies the “good” guys from the “bad” guys through propagandist group-think and name-calling, AND that teaches their Followers how to react to The Deplorables (meaning anyone that doesn’t agree with them).
  2. Reinforce that Narrative through heavy repetition appearing in overt AND subliminal messages in print media, TV media, TV talk shows (e.g., The View), Hollywood movies, slanted TV productions and “documentaries,”  advertising, casting, celebrities, sports stars, etc. so that their Detailed Narrative appears to be “normal” and everything challenging it is displayed as abnormal, evil, terrifying, monstrous, and a mortal threat to the safety, security, and very existence of themselves, their families, and their millions of believers. (No wonder why they are so frightened —  and that fear almost always is expressed as ANGER).
  3. Continue to reinforce that Detailed Narrative over and over until the Obedient believe that it is THEIR reality, and that only THEIR reality is true, real, good, moral, ethical, patriotic, etc., and that anyone who believes differently is a lost soul and a real threat to their “True” reality. (Which is why they melt when confronted by Trump’s achievements or any other fact that is contrary to their cultish reality). Their RAGE is the result of their brainwashed reality being challenged in any way.
  4. Train the Followers by A) schooling them repeatedly in a handful of propagandist talking points and change-of-subject countermeasures, and B) teaching them when and where to protest using harsh, repetitive, misleading or outright false slogans, signs, chants. This is also right out of a brainwasher’s handbook. Now their “army of Followers” can be dispatched to do their dirty work, spreading their diseased Detailed Narrative through the use of more repetitive lies and propaganda.
  5. Infect the education system with GloLib acolytes who teach our children the details of the GloLib reality through purged history lessons and conformity to the GloLib Narrative’s created and seemingly unassailable reality. “After all,” thinks the innocent child, “if the TEACHER said it, it MUST be true.” God save our children.

In order for all this to happen, history must be either re-written, ignored, and/or erased entirely. (Similar to what ISIS did to statues and other reminders of actual history as they brutally conquered territories). As the older generations die off, no one will be there to remember and call their BS out. And their created Detailed Reality of Lies will become just plain  “Reality” for future generations.

Anyone else smelling a boat-load of GREED yet?

OK, so why are children, college kids, and recent immigrants so easily brainwashed? Because they have the natural human fear of being alone in this world. Children separated from their parents on a daily basis for the first time whose parent substitute is their teacher who engages them for more hours of the day than their own parents; recent immigrants separated from their country (and for DACA kids also their families); college kids away from home for the first time who sublimate their parent-dependent needs through their teachers. I suppose if I were a Globalist, I would, among other things, consider the relatively virgin minds of a pliable and frightened audience in order to spread my propagandistic version of reality.

BTW, ISOLATION is one of a few key pre-conditions in terms of vulnerability to being brainwashed, and immigrants, outliers, DACA kids, and College kids (many of whom re away from home for the first time) have been prime targets of the Globalist Liberals (GloLibs) Utopian Agenda Propagandists, or as President Trump calls them, the Fake News.

In their tunnel-visioned stubborn pursuit of Utopia, they have stepped on many souls, including their own, and what they end up with is so very sad — an Ego deluded by Hubris and imprisoned by cultish adherence to group-think rules of


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