DEEP STATE Exposes Itself – oops! there it is


After all these many years, I confess that I’ve never really paid attention when I heard phrases such as, “Shadow Government” and “Deep State,” assuming, in a knee-jerk manner, that these were the paranoid products of conspiracy cuckoos, when in fact, I was intellectually lazy and should have, at the very least, vetted their sources and arguments and arrived at my own conclusions based on facts and critical thinking. I was negligent in my duties both as a veteran and as a US citizen for casually lumping them all into a single category and summarily dismissing them. And perhaps I was feeling safe and secure on the Elite bandwagon with my fellow Followers, and well fed in that ingrained belief due to daily ingestion of the co-dependent oft-comforting oft-caffeinated crap overtly and subliminally served up repetitively by the “news-advertising-entertainment-education-political” Globalist backed entities that produce it.

Then I got really sick and was given a rare opportunity to view my own mortality up close and personal, something I was always terrified of envisioning. That’s when I had a life-changing lucid dream Epiphany, and saw our world from the vantage point of the Universe, and saw its miraculously intricate and wondrous interconnectedness, and realized without a doubt how small and how large that I was, and how little and how much I might effect the Universe as a whole, and then my purpose in life and my place in it suddenly became crystal.

Alarm goes off!

I completely changed my life (once again), painfully divesting from much of my past guilt and shame, with a glimpse of a plethora of possible futures, and by living in the Now (in which there is no past or future). My views and opinions about almost everything changed drastically and compassionately, and for the first time since I was an insatiably curious free-thinking puzzle solving young child, I began to think clearly and critically once more, and began to logically question things I had taken for granted for most of my life, which was pretty much everything in my life. It’s been quite a journey.


Then seemingly all of a sudden, Donald Trump comes along with all his bluster, a rather rich guy who’s been raised right enough by his parents, who truly loves his family and his God and his country, the United States of America, and truly hates what Globalist Liberal (GloLib) policies and political hacks have done to it. Suddenly, half of America embraces a wonderful dream of rebirth and growth again, while the other half manifests a malignant fatalistic nightmare.

And perhaps all because one night, a too-flashy-for-the-Elitists DJT is sitting with his beautiful, envy-inspiring wife, Melania, and some friends at one of those mega-buck-a-plate political black tie affairs* attended mostly by mainstream media, celebrities, and connected political GloLib types, when the Prince of Fools (darling tool of the GloLib Establishment) gets up at the podium and takes a few disparaging cheap shots at DJT— the Prince of Fools grinning, his smug arrogance beaming, feeling completely confident and untouchable, all the while reveling in the loud applause and sublimated love showered upon him by the Ship of Fools that overwhelmingly made up that GloLib audience, with their disdain for DJT voiced through their cheers, jeers, and hostile hand clapping.   *White House Correspondents Dinner, May, 2011

It should also be known that there were other disrespectful incidents preceding that gala affair where the Fool in Power and his GloLib sycophants showed their arrogant disdain for the Trump family’s “common-ness” and ill-perceived “lack of intelligence and acceptable sophistication.”

But this one evening was the camel-back-breaking last straw — and it was very, very public:

In front of all the Elitists and media bigwigs, in front of every single powerful professional politician in Washington and their symbiotic parasites, in front of the mega-rich donors, in front of his contemporaries, friends, and his loving wife, all on national TV, in front of millions of fellow Americans including his children and family, and broadcast to the entirety of the America he Loved, and the World —  this Foolish Prince proceeded to deliver that final barb at DJT.

That was May of 2011.

It is now September of 2018, and Donald J. Trump, duly elected President of the USA, has been in office for going on two years. And the GloLibs and their MSM and pols have been behaving as childish sore losers for going on two years.

But now we find out that, actually, the subterfuge has been going on since way before DJT’s election and before Hillary cheated Bernie, the illegal emails, the foiled subpoena, etc., AND THAT IT IS STILL GOING ON!

An unprecedented attempted COUP is occurring NOW, as I write this, and it has recently escalated in scope and ferocity with the canonizing of John McCain at his funeral/GloLib rah-rah rally, the publication of a GloLib god’s gossipy biased, Fear inducing book, and an unprecedented GloLib “Anonymous” stunning op ed in the GloLib owned NY Times, with an actual admission of and call for resistance by a shadowy self-proclaimed Deep State savior of the Left whose seditious actions are euphemistically described as heroic and patriotic and sacrificial by the Left. (Um, No — those actions are cowardly, crooked, self-serving, immoral, anti-American, disloyal, distasteful, disingenuous, and possibly treasonous).


I suppose “Family-Dynasty” Presidents are easier to manage for the Globalists. That way, they have already vetted the families and friends of these power seekers thoroughly, and all the many social contacts they make during their Presidencies are preserved. It makes economic and social sense, and it even makes sense from a security and control standpoint. Why waste? It’s the least the Globalists can do to conserve in a world they’ve already plundered and raped for its riches.

And it’s understandable why they don’t want to let go of their power. First, because they’ve got their fortunes and their futures invested in this Globalization crap. Look at all the time (decades) they’ve already put in to build and pamper their networked acolytes, and then there’s all their world-wide bureaucratic people who depend upon and hero-worship them, and their multi-national corporate friends and allies including most of the media, big tech, and entertainment industries, and many, many foreign governments and wealthy oligarch relationships, and so many hundreds of comfy-corrupt peer relationships, and their army of trusting, loyal fascist-like cult Followers who depend upon them for proof of the very existence of the manipulated reality in which they live, not to mention for their fragile egos and their “special” social status, and their money, and, well, their entire shadowy Global Network is at stake right here and now.

Which is why they are so flippin’ dangerous!

Because with a loss of that power, they lose the ability to live and rule in the reality that they created (based upon their Globalist Narrative). It’s the reason they are so desperate and hysterical. They are literally fighting for their lives. Their cult-like Followers have formed a co-dependency with their Globalist Narrative-Reality and its talking heads and truly believe that Trump and the Right are hateful “deplorables” and smelly “dregs of the earth” who are out to destroy their lives and the lives of their families and the planet Earth itself. They are desperately frightened and their fear supplies the fuel for their rage. Of course, the fear is caused and perpetuated by the Globalist Narrative as played out through their allied media-spread Propaganda and Fear, as that serves to rally their Followers and focus their various unresolved issues and fears on a single bogey-man named Trump. Why do they “truly believe” and defend their GloLib media narrative so fiercely? Because they TRUST their talking heads. Because they are their “friends” who they’ve invited into their living rooms each night for years and years. They have developed a personal TRUST relationship with each of them and will defend them as if they were family. When the Right speaks, the Left won’t listen to anyone that denigrates their friends or their friends’ friends or their talking points or policies. They mistake their blind loyalty to their co-dependents for Patriotism, because they WANT to call themselves “patriots” without walking the walk; in fact, without being challenged about pretty much anything.

Their cult-like Followers’ subliminally programmed minds are having an impossible time reconciling the results of the election to how/what they were programmed-promised, and they are grasping at some (sometimes pretty way out) theories to explain the irreconciliation. It’s a bug in the program that they are trying to patch with talking points, (protest) cult chants, blind denial, and hysterics. It’s real and it’s serious and its urgent. These folks need an immediate intervention and are potentially dangerous to themselves and others. They are programmed to blame everything they can’t reconcile within themselves on their opponent, which is why the feelings that initiate their criticisms of others ALWAYS belong on themselves, “they are projected;” yet it’s through this very personal subconscious outing that confessional information is revealed that we may be able to use to de-program and help them.

After all, none of this was supposed to happen. But it did. But it wasn’t supposed to and it’s not fair. But it did. But they promised us it wouldn’t. But it did. But we won the popular vote so it’s not fair. But you lost the election since, not for the first time, you lost the electoral vote, as provided for in our Constitution. Then I don’t accept him as my President. If you are not an American citizen, that’s pretty much irrelevant, but if you are an American citizen then, like it or not, Trump IS your President. Of course, you can always be a childish sore loser and whine about it and stomp your feet, but that won’t change anything, since Trump is still your President. But what about the Russian collusion to fix the election. What collusion? (other than the Left). But Mueller’s investigation. Mueller has not, after $30 million, turned up ANY evidence whatsoever of Trump colluding with Russia, but he HAS turned up evidence of HRC, DNC, DOJ, DNI, and FBI collusion with Russia. But Trump had to have cheated somehow because all the polls and pundits predicted a strong win for Hillary. The polls, pollsters, and pundits you relied on were nothing more than Propaganda tools provided by bought and paid for Propagandists. That can’t be true, because I know who I can trust better than anyone, and you’re telling me all these people that I TRUST got together and conspired to lie to me in order to control me and my vote. Yup, that’s exactly what they did — some overtly, but most unknowingly yet still effective. No way. Way. No way. Way. No way. Way.

Mindless Endless Loop.

And for a guy who spends more time at work or thinking about work than any other President in my senior lifetime, his reward is to be chastised when he wants to enjoy a game of golf. And the Globalist owned GloLib mainstream media (MSM) and bought politicians and DOJ and FBI leadership do their best every single day to make his life and the lives of all his friends and family as miserable as possible. The GloLib political class wants their lavish, political class lifestyles and snob status back, along with their guaranteed upwardly mobile, secure futures. After all, they’re the Special Ones and the only ones capable and worthy of being the ruling class, and they are Entitled to their Greed and Status. They want their Globalist Narrative-Reality back. Desperately. Because they are lost and flailing about without it.

They’ve made up their minds, abandoned their civility and ethics, and are determined, organized, and very well-funded – and they’re going to take back what they think is their birthright.

Except… it’s not theirs to take. It doesn’t belong to a self-serving group of selfish permanent politicians and political class sycophants (the federal payroll could probably be cut by half). And it doesn’t belong to highly flawed, desperately deficient, poorly planned and improperly prosecuted Global ideologies (can’t you folks afford to hire a think tank with more creative thinkers? Or did you, and then just arrogantly ignored their suggestions?). Did they believe their powerful GloLib MSM-Entertainment-Politics complex’s firewall control over the delivery of subliminal messaging would guarantee them a majority of the vote and a continuation of their full-steam-ahead Globalist Agenda? Did they feel so confident and entitled that they looked down at us from a delusional moral high ground as they sought to destroy the lives and reputations of all who opposed them?

Well, they and all their high priced pollsters and pouty pundits were wrong — Big Time Wrong. Mega MAGA Wrong. The American people, the “common” citizens that truly love this country, have strong, independent minds and darn good hearts and loads of patience, but if pushed far enough, will take off their gloves, steel their minds, and take the fight to you.

Why? Because you pushed too far, too fast. And I’m sure there are more than a few in your own GloLib ranks who would agree.

You gave us a pompous, arrogant, half-white-half-black snake oil salesman with a gift for gab and wit and charm, and you actually thought that your white-guilt assuaging gift would be accepted by us with open arms? I tried. Lord, I tried. I went to Obama rallies and celebrated his victory with hundreds of other party-goers black and white. And it seemed the world and America finally had a chance. A chance to make a sea change and raise ourselves up to prosperity and deal a crushing blow to racism and sexism in all its many forms. But your GloLib agenda and your Foolish Prince wasted the opportunity of a lifetime and now the unlikeliest of your enemies is eating your lunch and deservingly receiving all the credit, while you whine, “Me, me, me.”

It took a while, almost to the end of his first term, for me to begin to see cracks in the façade, not so much from Obama personally, but from his policies and agenda, which coincidentally virtually always had end points that favored the Globalist agenda. It wasn’t until his second term that I was truly aware of Obama’s ineffectiveness at negotiating, his weakness in foreign affairs, his penchant for picking the wrong people such as Eric Holder, John Kerry, Hillary, etc., his innate racism (both his white half and his black half hate each other and they both hate virtually all law enforcement), the snarky, nasty attitude of both he and his wife, and both of their corruption in selling out the USA and its good citizens with policies and practices advantageous and enriching to themselves and the Uber-Wealthy Globalists, but detrimental to the patriotic hard-working citizens and the Constitution of the United States.

Globalists, after all, worship many flags and have no allegiance to any one country or its aspirations, since they are self-described “Citizens of the World.”

Not that I don’t understand the Globalist position either. After all, if you didn’t bother to look closely (and who wants to take the time to bother), from their quite lofty and insulated perspective, the regular world of the masses appears to be a big old blob of the unwashed and unfortunate, subjugated by powerful and relatively rich politicians, oligarchs, religious leaders,  and demagogues, all of whose fates they figure God or evolution will sort out.

Not their problem.

War, famine, disease, terrorism, racial conflict, poverty, unemployment, affordable housing, failing school systems, corrupt empowered “leaders”… none of these are concerns of the Global Elitists. Their fortresses are long ago built, mostly hidden and fully fortified, scattered all over the Earth. Why, they’re even building re-usable rockets and planning vacations on a not-too-distant future colonized Mars.

They live in an Uber-rich Globalist reality diametrically different from our own, never concerned about rent or mortgage payments, medical bills, car insurance, college tuition, or the cost of anything at all. Imagine waking up and commanding, “Get the jet and the nannies ready, we’re going to spend the week in Monaco and take the children to the Grand Prix races. Great weather this time of year. But we must be in Dubai a week from Saturday for the Prince’s wedding and Grand Ball reception, so tell the Dubai staff to ready our house.”

See? They really don’t have the time or inclination to attend to our often tribal and picayune needs. That’s what God is for.

So, a plan to bring peace and order to the chaos of this world should be welcomed by the masses, shouldn’t it? And who but for the mighty Global Elitists can see the Big Picture of How Things Must Be, because In Order for the World to Have Order, We’ll Need a “New World Order.” And we’ll implement our plan (true, it might have begun a bit ahead of schedule due to the unpredicted, unexpected election results) with our control of the MSM-Entertainment-Political-Intelligence universe, with the help of celebrity and political testimonials, with fear tactics, hero worship, race baiting, old Soviet-style propaganda (a contribution from some Russian Globalist members), name-calling, card-stacking, bandwagon appeals, and a heavy concentration of subliminal messaging via all media (extremely effective in sales for a short while, used in the 50’s/60’s and then forever banned, or so they say, but we all know how difficult it is for humans to give up power once they’ve had it).

And that plan has been successful for them for decades at the cost to our dear country of jobs, manufacturing, quality of life, infrastructure, our middle class, world prestige, and almost half of our formerly clear thinking, rational, civil, well-mannered, kind-hearted, cool, compassionate friends and family that are now miserable and angry at the world because their programmed thoughts are in conflict with actual reality. It’s a clear dilemma and symptom of brainwashing technics, cult style. These folks need immediate help. And by doing so, the entire country will be helped.

Anyway, the one thing the Global Elitists NEVER expected was Donald J. Trump and his sheer bullying will and determination to save the country he loves, along with simultaneously tearing down the façade of civility and social entitlement programs hiding the true nature of the Globalist scheme. (How do you think the Clintons got so rich? Foundations, silly. Global Foundations.)

And perhaps their biggest surprise was the loyal, dogged, stubborn, patriotic support AND ACTION of the average, patriotic American citizen. The GloLibs miscalculated the depth and breadth of our love for this country, and our willingness to do something about it. They assumed, foolishly, that John Q. Citizen was apathetic about the direction of our country and the people “leading” it. And now they’ve paid the price for their hubris by losing the election.

But wait. The GloLibs, being the pathetic child-like sore losers that they turned out to be, have now completely exposed themselves in the hysteria that followed the election and in the dangerous coup that they are still attempting. I believe the word is SEDITION, and I believe the penalties are severe, which is why they will fight this with everything they’ve got — and they’ve got a lot.

Maybe too much.

They’ve got thousands of politicians and their lackeys in their pockets, all of the mainstream media and their talking heads and pundits and editors, the vast majority of the TV-Entertainment industry, and millions of thought-manipulated Followers who are programmed to disable 1. access to their ability to seek truth through logical inquiry, and 2. their sense of compassion and moral compass regarding anything that involves Trump. Trump bad. Trump supporters bad. Trump policies bad. Trump family and friends bad. Trump’s America bad.

If the Globalists were capable of human compassion or even basic decency, they would immediately stop their coup attempt, accept the fact that they indeed lost, and help those millions of cult-like Followers get on with their lives peacefully, which is still all in their control to do. Time for the good and compassionate Globalists, if they exist, to “Man” or “Woman” up, stand up determinedly, and take charge of the impatient petulant children in your exclusive club who are exposing you; go ahead and commiserate with their loss, and then guide them towards pursuits that don’t tempt and consume their Hubris. Not healthy or wise. And NOT good parenting or leadership.


As for the rest of us dregs and deplorables, first we have to let the President know that we now understand more than ever before, the extremely powerful forces he has been and still is up against, and appreciate more than ever before, the sacrifice that he and his family have made and are making for the sake of ALL of the good citizens of the United States.

We are just getting a glimpse of the Awkward Patriot that you are, Mr. President. Not since Lincoln has this country seen such adversity towards a sitting President. The Barrage of Daily Shame coming from the childish, sore-loser Globalist Liberal media, social media, talk shows, bought and paid for politicians, Tech giants, Democrats, Socialists, Anarchists, other country’s leaders, some swamp dwellers in your own party, and even some well-meaning people who have just gotten themselves caught up in this mess and dug their heels in on the wrong side, is non-stop and merciless, vicious and tactical, hysterical and disruptive and neurotically loud. Yet, in spite of this relentless campaign of Hatred and Anger, you and your beautiful family are courageously unflappable, focused, and patriotically determined to Making America Great Again, and we are extremely GRATEFUL for your sacrifice.

Ay caramba!, Mr. President, did they underestimate the combination of you and “the Deplorables” — it’s positively Karmic in its irony.

You are literally up against the world, Mr. President, and we are right there with you, ready, willing, and able to support you in achieving our shared vision of a much, much better America. An America where all American citizens no matter what their race, religion, color, creed, etc. have the opportunity to work hard and share in the great wealth of this nation without having it siphoned off and right out of their pockets by GloLibs and their policies; An America with an ethical, responsible, enforced immigration system and clear, achievable path for citizenship; where the Globalists are willing to take a bit less (they’ll still be stinkin’ rich) so that the less fortunate can earn a bit more, and so that we can afford to rebuild our infrastructure and help lift people out of poverty with opportunity, not entitlements; An America that recognizes that civil and open discourse lights our road to correct the inequalities and systemic problems that still exist; An America that respects that incredible miracle called the Constitution of the United States, and the sacrifices of the men and women who have given so much in defense of it and in the service of this country; An America that respects our rule of law and all of the good soldiers that enforce it, our entire military, and our first responders coast to coast. We will not accept any less than our full, inalienable rights as guaranteed in our Constitution and our fair and rightful share of this nation’s wealth.

And if you keep pushing, GloBabies, we will keep pushing back, and actually add demands for some neat perks for ourselves — at your expense, I assure you. BTW, your “White Guilt” call-us-racists threat has been exposed and is finally losing its power. No longer will you be able to manipulate us by threatening to use the “race card” or the word, “racist” because, hey, almost none of us are actual racists and we’re on to your game of manipulating us through our vestigial white guilt. It’s over. We are not guilty, won’t ever feel guilty again for whatever happened so long ago that was caused by others not connected to us, except by race. You singled us out by race! and milked our white guilt until we totally overcompensated you. So, who’s the racist now? Well, that’s over now, for those of us that support our unexpectedly heroic President. White guilt is not going to fund entitlements and affirmative action programs and illegal immigrants and criminal abusers of our social welfare system anymore. It’s the beginning of that end. Find a new narrative, one that’s born of Soul and Spirit and Hard Work, instead of Ego and Power and Entitlements.

And Jeff Sessions, wherever you are, if you’re really not one of the bought and paid for, cast aside your grievances and hurt feelings, grow a set of testes and Crush this Coup, or go down in history as the Benedict Arnold of Attorney Generals that sold out the American People and the American Dream.

November mid-term elections are coming soon. There is every reason and no excuse for not proselytizing, promoting, praising, and voting for Trump supported candidates. Strength in commitment. Strength in righteousness. Strength is numbers. Protect the MAGA agenda and the team that have risked all to Make America Great Again, an agenda that is working beautifully for American citizens. (For illegal aliens and criminal elements… not so much). Those that Hate America and its values can either Peacefully and Respectfully protest (as MLK very effectively did) or leave and live elsewhere (I suggest Venezuela for those of you that love Socialism and hate law and order). 

PATRIOTS: VOTE Your Passion for our Constitution, for our Rights and Freedoms, for the preservation of our Founding Fathers’ dreams, and for our imperfect but always improving family-centered, moral way of life. VOTE for MAGA, Draining the Swamp, and a restoration of Patriotism and Morality, and show your appreciation for the sacrifices of a once in a century courageous American leader and his entire family as he works so diligently to take back America from the GloLib anti-American Agenda advocates and career politician flunkies. Let them know who Really makes this country great and who Really loves this country and its Constitution and Flag.

In the 60’s, the Right said “America – Love it or Leave it” but as strong as that slogan could have been, it fell on many deaf ears because of the division caused by the selective service draft and the Vietnam war and by true, widespread and  unbridled racial and gender inequality. We’ve come a very, very long way since then. Maybe we should renew and slightly revise that slogan to say,

“America – Love it or Leave it – (or improve it peacefully)” – After all, that’s exactly what the President and his team are actually doing.

Oh, and Trump’s Karmic rise to power was largely due to the self-righteous, self-serving arrogance and snarky smugness of the entire GloLib entity, with the Prince of Fools as their designated leader and the expectant Princess of Fools waiting in the wings. So, patriots, thank them for that. They made our choice crystal clear.

End Note (I digress): A few years ago, IMO, Obama appeared to be more Presidential compared to Trump, the novice politician. But now, as Obama tries to rally his thought-impaired cult Followers in an unprecedented series of attacks on a sitting President by a former President, Trump appears to be far more relaxed, in control, and Presidential, while Obama looks more like the slick self-serving snake-oil selling community organizer that he really is and always was.

Just sayin’ (mic drop)

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