The EPIDEMIC that Infects HALF of US

OPINION by Deplorable Gary

August 7, 2018

What I saw on the CNN Chris Cuomo show last night, Monday, August 6, 2018, was Rosie O’Donnell melting down into a mean-hearted, paranoid, angry, ill-mannered, uncivil, miserable, rage-filled, sometimes incoherent and quite unhinged TDS victim. Trump Derangement Syndrome – IT’S REAL and has infected so many on the Left and even some in the Center. Symptoms and behaviors are virtually the same from victim to victim. In other words, the psychological DNA is dynamically identical from one victim to another, defining a growing Epidemic. The CDC MUST get involved! This is a widespread National Neurosis and has the immediate potential to become an extremely destructive national crisis.

It’s not the fault of the victims, indeed they so desperately need intervention, de-programming, education, therapy, and assistance in adapting to their new Realities, as well as lots and lots of love (and maybe some smack-you-gently-upside-the-head sobering reality checks now and then). These are our fellow citizens, many are our  (in some cases) former friends and relatives and they have been and are being ravaged by this insidious TDS Epidemic. Helping them and making them healthy again and restoring their senses of humor and optimism must be our #1 National Priority. Investigation into how this all happened should be #2 (will be covered more thoroughly in a subsequent post), and Prevention from it ever happening again, #3.

Rosie’s uniquely dry witty humor is sadly gone, replaced by a vengeful, humorless, hurtful, and rude rhetoric reminiscent of many Trump-hating liberals these days, and yes, it appears there is truly a National Epidemic of uncontrolled hatred and blame, along with a level of stubborn self-righteousness, head-in-the-sand denial and refusal to truly listen to alternate points of view, that threatens to destroy our democracy, divide us into tribal alliances and foes (and cult-ish gangs), and undermine civility and common decency; and there is also a movement attached to their Left rib that is more than willing to use extreme incivility and violence to protest for their generalized, often nebulous and selfish and always highly biased memes (that they often mistake for ideals) and trumped up and conflated personal causes while blindly ignoring hard facts, figures, and all logic with their Egotistical-Smug-Self-Righteous-“Progressive”- BetterThanThou-SmarterThanThou-HolierThanThou-YouHaveToListenToMeIntentlyButIDon’tHaveToReciprocate attitudes. It is an Epidemic of Our National Spirit born from and nurtured by intense propaganda, fed to the unsuspecting public in true Soviet cold war style by PRAVDA the MEDIA, that reinforces the roots of their panic-fueled illness which feeds their fantasies and common delusions.

After the Rosie segment (which I found quite unnerving and sad), it was Chris Cuomo’s turn to melt down into paranoid and unfounded theories, one rapidly following another, and yes, he had that same detached “I’m here, but not entirely,” look on his face. I’ve seen that look recently on the faces of many college students, pundits, celebrities, and politicians, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Maher, Robert DeNiro, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, Ocasio-Cortez, Chris Wallace, Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Acosta, Joe Scarborough, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Johnny Depp, Madonna, and so many others in the celebrity Left that there can be no doubt that this is a real Epidemic of National Psychological Hysteria & Intolerance, spread by a paranoid fear bordering on terror and panic, also vigorously stoked by the MEDIA with their negative, frightening, incomplete, biased, and even outright fake news reported by biased cronies and/or bought and paid for opinion puppets who call themselves “journalists.”

In addition, the MEDIA obsession with drawing parallels to Hitler, Stalin, The Holocaust and the boogey man scares the shekels out of many liberal Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, minorities, gays, feminists, intellectuals, liberal “educators,” outliers, etc. and makes them so panic-stricken that they jump onboard the bandwagon of Trump Haters so they can feel safety in numbers. At the same time, Hollywood, TV, and the MEDIA have been disrespecting, ignoring, and poking ugly fun at Middle America for so many decades that Hillary’s remark about Trump supporters being “Deplorables,” while shocking to some, was almost predictable (she was just being honest and saying what she really felt, as pathetic as that is) — just think, someone who was running for President of the United States, a job that requires equal representation of ALL the CITIZENS of the USA, expressed that in her opinion, nearly half the folks in this country are, in her words, “Deplorables.” What was she going to do when she took the Presidential oath… lie about it? Or add the phrase, “… except for Deplorables” to the oath? ).

Fear and panic are highly contagious, as is oversimplified and one-sided tabloid-type reporting. Instilling that fear and panic irresponsibly and on purpose (esp. for the purpose of better ratings and sales) is at best the complete dereliction of the duty of a true journalist, and at worst an attempt at profiting from their fomenting of civil unrest and uncivil violence.

The MEDIA, including all their pundits, “experts,” political hacks, and accolytes, have created a narrative that they push incessantly, day and night, both adding to the paranoia and profiting handsomely from it while they spend their resources pushing and self-corroborating their own false narratives.

A Narrative is often the blueprint and basis for a Reality. If you live in NOKO, then you believe that Kim Jong Un is decended from and represents a royal, spiritual, and devine role of leadership and therefore you worship him because he will keep you safe from the bad guys (i.e., the USA). Are all in NOKO insane for turning that cultural narrative into their everyday Reality? Are we insane for NOT believing in that Reality?

So for the virtual HALF of the country that had felt left out and forgotten by the other HALF (including the elites and the sheep),  and who always believed in their hearts in aTrump Agenda (NOT the MEDIA-BS-Version of the Trump Agenda) even way before Trump ever seriously thought about politics… for those people, they are beyond thrilled that they have found a strong leader that agrees with them… and that will fight for them, the hell with criticism and outside pressure and rich lobbyists and power brokers and the Media Lies & Propaganda and the Cabal and political correctness and protocol… FINALLY, a guy that puts his money where his mouth is and stands up and fights and even WINS! This is the essence of Trump’s base, and to their credit, they are as LOYAL as junkyard dogs. and far more patriotic and Constitution loving. Trump speaks their language and wants to change the self-immolating direction of this country and some of the overly liberal or restrictive laws and many of the regulations that both Republicans and Democrats have put into place over the years that have crippled entrepreneurship, individual effort, and the ability of existing companies to grow and prosper, including crippling social give-aways and their subsequent debt and the soul-crushing effects of more and more entitlements and less and less personal responsibility. He is putting America first, to the great dismay of the Globalists.

Trump and his supporters insist on strong borders and LEGAL immigration (if Congress ever gets off its fat asses), and strict enforcement, and a strong military encouraging peace through strength, and law and order including respect for law and order, and in fair trade (using tariffs and other means to level the playing field), and in building (cautious) relationships with former enemies, and in re-defining and balancing valued old relationships with friends and allies, and in making America energy independent, and by lowering unemployment and increasing job opportunities for ALL Americans, and in incentivizing and supporting American businesses to stay in the US, and insisting on respect for our fallen soldiers and our flag (which are inexorably tied together forever; disrespect the flag and you disrespect all veterans), and respect and gratitude for police, fire, and all first responders, and in changing Obamacare because it is desperately flawed and needs changing (not because Obama is blackish), and in using common sense to call out and deal with America’s enemies (of which there is an endless supply, many in country), and in stamping out terrorism and terrorists, and in forming new coalitions (e.g., Saudi Arabia), and in helping our greatest mid-east ally, Israel, by recognizing and moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, helped by Trump’s courageous commitment to Israel’s safe exisitence, and in lowering taxes and attempting to simplify the tax codes, and for giving so many in this country a feeling of national pride that has been missing for a long time (yes, it’s extremely sad that the Left won’t allow its followers to share in this feeling of national pride and accomplishment, lest they be exiled from la-la land).

How do we get the NATIONAL EPIDEMIC under control?

  1. Acknowledge its existence and commit to curing it. #1 Priority!
  2. Have Obama, Hillary, the Dem leadership, the intelligence community, and the MEDIA acknowledge in no uncertain terms the legitimacy of the Trump presidency — “yes, he won legally and we accept he is our president until at least 2020.” Period. End of Story.
  3. Educate the USA (incentivize) on all current issues based on vetted facts, not conjecture or emotion or opinion or paranoid fears and theories.
  4. Vet the “facts” on all new issues as they arise and produce a narrative that reflects the unbiased truth.
  5. Proselytize the narritives and form the New American Narrative (and American Reality).
  6. Modify your personal Reality and follow with creating a Persona to match your new personal Reality.
  7. Educate on the dangers of p0litical “correctness” and groupthink.
  8. Allow dissent and opposing views on campus — encourage civil discourse and debate.
  9. License parents after passing a basic, common sense, educational program (use incentives).
  10. Sit back and enjoy the harmony produced by moving together in a constructive path towards the Light, and humbly accept and feel worthy of the gifts that flow from the Universe.



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