Democrats & Ice Cream

*We’ve all suffered (many first hand) and been annoyed by the persistently Whining Child in The Mall tugging impatiently at his Mother’s sleeve while loudly moaning, “But I want  I  C  E   C R E E E A M ! ” after the Mom just told that very same Child there would be no Ice Cream. Still, the crying and the pulling and tugging and the embarrassingly loud moaning continues incessantly as the Child’s whining escalates into loud wailing (“But I want my I C E   C R E E E E E E A M ! ! !”), louder demands, bad behavior, and sometimes into a full-blown Temper Tantrum by the Child who has by now transformed into a Little Monster Child screaming so loud as to make one think he was being literally Abused, as opposed to being denied Ice Cream by a Mother who is aware of his increasingly serious intermittent bouts with Lactose Intolerance, while other Mall Shoppers start to look and stare and judge and show their annoyance and sometimes react.

Please allow that scenario, and more importantly, the feelings that you feel in that situation, marinate in your mind and in your soul for more than a few moments before continuing to read further…. Identify with the Mother, with the Mall Shoppers, with the child… We’ve all been there… Re-read the above paragraph over and over, each time immersed in the feelings you attach to first being the Mother, then a Mall Shopper, then the Child, Allow the FEELINGS in if you truly wish to understand this remarkable phenomena… now read on:

Cast of Characters and (understudies)

Mom/Mother (Authority & Rule of Law/Adherence to US Constitution)

Good Child (a-political or niddle of the road, non-judgmental, innocent, trusting and naïve, but intelligent)

Whining Child (Democrats)

Temper Tantrum Child (Far Left)

Little Monster Child (Radical Left)

Ice Cream (Hillary & her agenda)

Lactose Intolerance (negative reaction to Ice Cream, negative results from her policies… a common and growing epidemic in the USA)

Abused (Unlawfully or illegally treated)

The Mall (the civilized world)

Mall Shoppers (the rest of the US population and much of the entire world)

Allow the (understudies) to play the above roles and it all becomes crystal clear. Do you now see how childish, how juvenile, how boorish, how unacceptable that behavior is? In reality, the child has the following choices:

  1. The child can choose to continue to whine and remain miserable and not adapt to the reality that he/she is not getting ice cream any time soon; sulk, be angry, feel like a loser, stay negative; OR
  2. The child can morph into a monster throwing a temper tantrum, threatening to hurt others or property or self; but still not getting any ice cream any time soon, but at this point the stand-off is about more than ice cream — it’s about getting one’s own way and being in control; OR
  3. The child can burn their own house down with everyone in it; OR
  4. The child can self-destruct; OR
  5. The child can accept the fact that ice cream is off the menu for a while, and though disappointed, can adapt to that fact and move forward in life with a positive, more wise and mature attitude, and perhaps a substitute dessert of their own choosing in their future.

See how simple? No more head scratching.*

*Pundits and people from all walks of life are scratching their heads at the way many Democrats have behaved since the election of President Donald Trump. This is an attempt to stop the scratching, clarify the situation and put it all in perspective; this is not written to hurt Democrats (of which I was one for many years), but rather to try and help them because, well, right now they need some help and some words of comfort, and we’re (most of us) all brothers and sisters and fellow human beings, and we need to be there for eachother at all times, good or bad.

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