DEAR HARLEY, Please Don’t Go…

Dear Harley,

Just heard the news. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave any workers in America unemployed, and please don’t cave in to the enormous financial stress you’re under by moving even one iota of production out of the USA in response to this tariff skirmish. Why? Because our country’s honor is at stake here, and even if you have every good or bad reason in the world, the APPEARANCE of what you are about to do makes you look bad.

The American taxpayer has been working harder and harder for decades because of this issue that President Trump has been brave enough to address in the EU and China, among others. Example: We’re working under some deals done decades ago when China was an Nth of what it is now, economically and our trade with Europe had a different mix of parameters. That’s why there is such a disparity and why these trade deals are so out of whack. That’s why they all need to be re-negotiated. So that they’re equally fair to everyone, which meams that things will get a bit better for the USA and a little bit worse for the rest of the world. Why? Because we just so happen to have a formidable negotiator sitting in the Oval Office of the White House. And because what’s fair is fair.

So, Harley, IMHO here’s a plan that just might work (feel free to modify as you see fit):

  1. You move zero production out of the USA;
  2. You explain to your loyal, patriotic, sometimes deplorable customers that for a period of time you are¬† going to raise your prices due to the “Tariff War” but will lower them back down once the war is won. Every one of these Tariff War bikes should come with a special medallion‚Ķ an expensive one-;
  3. If your customers can’t absorb the full brunt of the Tariff War, then I’m certain that the American people would support a government bailout for your revered American company to enable you to grow and expand, even during “wartime.”

That way, 1. you don’t appear weak or like you’re caving, 2. you do appear super-patriotic which is so important to your customer base and to the prestigious honor of your company, and 3. you get to be the very FIRST patriotic company to take a stand for Tariff Equity for the USA and go down in history as heroic. Always remember, sometimes appearance (and a good narrative) means everything.

Gotta tell ya. It’s not every day that a company’s owners and all its employees and customers get even a brief opportunity to do that!

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