BORDERS — Geographical AND Personal – Pt 1

HYPOCRISY ABOUNDS when it comes to the subject of borders. It seems that many of the folks that want OPEN BORDERS for our country practice CLOSED BORDERS when it comes to their personal lives.

These frequently-preachy open border advocates often live in “safe” areas with “nice” schools (ones that de-facto keep the riff-raff at a minimum or away altogether), many times having their own private security or town police, or in gated communities or in condos and apartments with doormen (gatekeepers).

So why doesn’t the Media (and Politicians and Entertainers) call these people out for their egregious hypocrisy? Is it because so many of these same people live their personal lives with “border protection?” Is it because the influx of illegals most likely will not expose them (in their sheltered, bordered personal lives) to the problems of crime and job competition that unfettered immigration poses to the majority of their audiences and constituents?

Chuck Schumer lives in a million dollar plus apartment in exclusive Park Slope, Brooklyn. And yes, he has a Gatekeeper (a doorman).

Nancy Pelosi lives in a multi-million dollar sprawling estate and vineyard on the banks of the Napa River in Northern California. And yes, she has comfy security around her.

Anderson Cooper lives in his mansion in Connecticut when he’s not staying in one of his two multi-acre waterfront homes in the Hamptons. And yes, he has security people.

Don Lemon lives in a million dollar luxury hi-rise condo with its own terrace near Morningside Heights. And yes, a Gatekeeper is always on duty.

Maxine Waters lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, not far from Beverly Hills but far enough from the crime-ridden, poverty-ridden district she represents. Again, security for her is omnipresent.

Robert De Niro lives either at his multi-million dollar Hamptons estate or at one of his ritzy East Side or West Side, NYC residences (or wherever else he wants). Plenty of security around him.

Of course, this list could go on and on, and once all the famous people are exposed, we could start listing just plain old wealthy¬† “open border” advocates, but they all have one thing in common… they are protected and secure in their personal lives to a much greater extent than the average citizen. After all, isn’t that the purpose of the secure borders in their lives?

Wanting to feel safe and secure is natural to all human beings. I don’t begrudge the celebrities and others who desire that goal. But, please, LAY OFF THE HYPOCRISY!

Just about EVERYBODY wants that goal for themselves and their families, and we now have a President who has the chutzpah to deal with it and make it a reality.

No country can be secure these days without protected borders. And legal immigration, vetted and lawful where “all men are created equal” is the rule, is the only safe way to allow strangers into our great country… strangers who will hopefully become friends and good citizens. Isn’t that what (almost) all of us really want?


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