Media Goose Steps Away From Trump Achievements

It’s not bad enough that our FBI conspired with anti-Trumpers amongst our elected and appointed officials (now proven with release of the IGO report) to try and deny Trump a fair election, but their co-conspirator, The Media, in lock step, has recently made things much worse (and much more obvious that they’re biased beyond hope), by downplaying, denigrating, and outright ignoring the Miracle in Singapore.

THEY “report” on Trump’s lack of “proper protocol,” while I see a guy who

1. recognizes and is proud of America being the most powerful nation on the earth, instead of apologizing for it;

2. Knows how to wield that power strongly and victoriously, yet graciously without shaming his opponents, allowing them to look good to their own people, and all in the pursuit of World Peace;

3. Believes that peace on earth is far too important and urgent, and can’t wait for him to study and master political and diplomatic protocol (knows how to prioritize and plan and then TAKE ACTION);

THEY “report” about Trump’s lack of diplomatic knowledge and they use fear tactics to lead their listeners and readers to believe that Trump is such an amateur he will get (or has gotten) taken advantage of by sly Kim, while I see a guy who

1. Puts America first in his dealings with the rest of the world, as he promised,

2. Knows how to wield America’s awesome power to accomplish those goals,

3. Doesn’t tippy-toe on eggshells, but instead marches directly into the fray and knows how to get what he wants in a way that creates a win for everyone.

THEY focus on the Micro while Trump focuses on the Macro.

THEY give little to no credit and support to Trump and his team, while I see an unprecedented accomplishment that took untiring planning, exhausting work and shuttle diplomacy between the USA and FOUR other countries (North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and China) BEFORE Trump even sat down with Kim (prior “proper protocol” administrations had almost 70 years and couldn’t accomplish that), not to mention that Trump came away in one day with a signed agreement that has all the teeth it needs, i.e., a clear understanding of the spirit and specifics of what the final agreement has to accomplish, and a world witnessed handshake with the President of the United States, and the very clear knowledge that nobody better renege on it, OR ELSE.

Trump has accomplished more in his first 500 days than decades of diplomacy by otherĀ  administrations. Words are great. Nice words are wonderful. But ACTION will always win the day.

Thank you for making the world a safer place, Mr. President.

And I know this is just the beginning.

PS Just please don’t shoot “somebody” on Fifth Avenue.


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