Which 2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University Did You Watch?

There must have been two parallel diametrically opposed Presidential debates going on simultaneously at Hofstra last night — the one I witnessed, and the one reported by Clinton News Network (CNN) and most of the media, politicians, and pundits. In the one I saw, Donald Trump proved that

  1. He could go toe to toe with a seasoned political professional who has been (over a period of many years) painstakingly groomed for this job interview and meticulously coached by other seasoned political professionals. In spite of his neophyte status, Trump firmly stood his ground and rocked Hillary’s world.
  2. He understood the issues at a HUMAN level, as opposed to Hillary’s robotic talking-point-rehearsed performance level.
  3. He was capable of seeing right through Lester Holt’s assume-facts-not-in-evidence biased questioning, then calmly but decisively correcting Holt before moving on to make his point (which turned Holt’s assumptive pose on its ear).
  4. He doesn’t need an audience of rabid “deplorables” cheering and jeering in the background in order for him to remain strong and steadfast in his message.
  5. He can look and behave quite presidential yet is capable of remaining human at the same time Hillary is looking down her nose at all of us from her elitist perch.
  6. He is truly an anti-status-quo-establishment candidate as much as Hillary is in the pockets of the globally rich and powerful.
  7. He really does have the temperament to be POTUS, perhaps a bit (refreshingly) rough around the edges, but a street-fighting winner nevertheless.

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