Donald Trump: Just What The Politicians and the Media Need… and Richly Deserve

As of this writing, Donald Trump is surging in the polls and chewing up most of the media time so coveted by his opponents. TV “journalists” and talking heads are clamoring to analyze why and how this Trump-ami is occurring and even sage opinion makers seem overwhelmed in trying to come up with an answer. It’s actually rather simple:

AMERICANS ARE SICK AND TIRED OF POLITICIANS AND THE MEDIA AND ARE IN REVOLT! Yes, folks, this is the new AMERICAN REVOLUTION! Not with guns and ammo, but by picking someone who is both brazen and rich enough to say, “ENOUGH! We’re not gonna take it any more!”

“Take WHAT any more?” they ask (and I’m SO glad they asked). Let me count the ways on just the tip of this gargantuan iceberg of crap we’ve taken from YOU politicians and media clowns (and you know who YOU are):

  1. Corrupt “bought” politicians who put the needs of your rich benefactors in front of the public you’ve sworn to represent and serve;
  2. Career politicians who see yourselves as being “above” the citizens you represent, in a special class all your own, with unspoken legislative perks and benefits unavailable to mere “average” citizens;
  3. Endless talk and little to no action, unless it benefits you directly or indirectly;
  4. Endless bickering and name calling across the aisle, i.e., behaving as if you were junior high school rival sports teams instead of mature men and women. How infinitely pale and frail you all appear in the shadows of our forefathers. Shame on you!
  5. Always playing to the camera, pandering to the public, tiptoeing around tough issues, playing political football (in junior varsity style), being oh-so politically correct;
  6. Always in it for yourselves, hiding in your phony patriotism, while enriching your own lives and those of your families and rich friends;
  7. Selling your influence — selling your souls to the highest bidders;
  8. How many days do you actually WORK? And by work, that doesn’t include your lavish fundraisers, political rallies, charity balls, and endless self-serving awards ceremonies. I mean WORK, as in what the average citizen must do pretty much every day in order to merely survive;
  9. Aiding and abetting a system that perpetuates itself by being beholden to wealthy special interest groups and individuals, the end result always to the detriment of the average citizen;
  10. Being complicit in the destruction of the dream and intent of our forefathers, and therefore being traitors to our Constitution. What ever happened to “…of the People, by the People, and for the People”?

And you media folks — you are supposed to be our fifth estate. You have the responsibility of exposing and shining a bright light on ALL the abuses that go on in government, not just the ones of your favorite team. You have become too comfy with your cronies and complicit in their crimes and misdeeds. Instead of following in the hallowed paths of those that came before you (e.g., Cronkite), you have turned into a bunch of gossipy, mean-spirited, superficial, egotistical tabloid personas whose only goal is ratings. You have miserably failed the needs of your constituency, and in the long run, of our country.

Donald Trump doesn’t need to pander to a political party or to politicians or to rich special interests or to news-people. He doesn’t have the need to be liked by EVERYONE and therefore doesn’t have to speak in coded politically correct terms. He can be annoying and overly boastful at times but at least he doesn’t couch his opinions in fanciful PC terms. And guess what? The American people, in growing numbers, would rather have a Donald Trump as their leader than ANY career politician. They would rather have a businessperson or a doctor as their leader than ANY politician. We’re fed up to our ears with political corruption, political gossip, political machinations, and political people AND with the tabloid media that is so cozy in bed with their specific political team. We’ve had enough political CRAP in our lives and we want something DIFFERENT. Donald Trump is different. We need a breath of FRESH AIR. And although the air that Mr. Trump blows our way is sometimes hot, it is still MUCH BETTER than the pablum of PC on which we’re choking. You want a different candidate than Donald Trump? Then give us a REALLY DIFFERENT candidate. We’re not gonna take the same old “bought and paid for” candidates any more. We won’t be fooled again. Get the message?



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