SCANDALGATE: Distilling The Truth from Rumors

It is said that stereotypes almost always contain at least an element of truth, no matter how cruel or politically incorrect. Even rumors can sometimes lead to the truth. My mission is to distill those rare elements of truth and expose them to the light of intelligent discussion, where they can be dealt with sans PC and fanfare, and with (dare I say) a sense of humor.

Some of the topics discussed in will disturb you. Others may bore you… feel free to skip them. Hopefully, all of the writings will enlighten you (if you keep an open mind) and lead to a broader discussion, shedding an even brighter light on the subject at hand.

Scandals, gossip, rumors, and conspiracy theories abound in our everyday world and, indeed, keeping track of them all would be impossible for one human being. So, in addition to the topics I personally cover, you are welcome to contribute your own input on topics that are important to you (see “Using as Your Own Forum” below).

In an effort to give a more complete description of each subject, I have placed them in four categories: Current Events, Past Events, Out There, and Stream of Consciousness. Be aware that often these categories can bleed into one another, and sometimes one category can morph into another over time.

Finally, many people ask me where I come up with my insights (some of which may seem at first blush to be quite “out there”), and I tell them the unremarkable truth — I have little control over these thoughts; they flow through me somewhere in the realm between consciousness and subconsciousness, never edited. The ones I get “right” always feel a certain way, similar to that “Aha!” moment when things just seem to all fall into place and make perfect sense. It is my wish that you will also experience that “Aha!” feeling, and come away from a more informed and rational human being. Thank you for visiting

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