Children, Recent Immigrants, & College Kids Easy to Brainwash

Children, Recent Immigrants, & College Kids Easy to Brainwash Why do I say this? Because look at what’s happening to so many: Loss of sense of humor, decrease in spontaneity, twisted group-think, repetitive chanting (protests), illogical arguments, incivility, roiling anger, lack of empathy, meltdown syndrome, increased suicide rates, unwillingness to […]

DEEP STATE Exposes Itself – oops! there it is

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: (Skip to “CURRENT BACKGROUND” if not interested) After all these many years, I confess that I’ve never really paid attention when I heard phrases such as, “Shadow Government” and “Deep State,” assuming, in a knee-jerk manner, that these were the paranoid products of conspiracy cuckoos, when in fact, […]

DEAR HARLEY, Please Don’t Go…

Dear Harley, Just heard the news. Please don’t go. Please don’t leave any workers in America unemployed, and please don’t cave in to the enormous financial stress you’re under by moving even one iota of production out of the USA in response to this tariff skirmish. Why? Because our country’s […]

BORDERS — Geographical AND Personal – Pt 1

HYPOCRISY ABOUNDS when it comes to the subject of borders. It seems that many of the folks that want OPEN BORDERS for our country practice CLOSED BORDERS when it comes to their personal lives. These frequently-preachy open border advocates often live in “safe” areas with “nice” schools (ones that de-facto […]

Media Goose Steps Away From Trump Achievements

It’s not bad enough that our FBI conspired with anti-Trumpers amongst our elected and appointed officials (now proven with release of the IGO report) to try and deny Trump a fair election, but their co-conspirator, The Media, in lock step, has recently made things much worse (and much more obvious […]

Which 2016 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University Did You Watch?

There must have been two parallel diametrically opposed Presidential debates going on simultaneously at Hofstra last night — the one I witnessed, and the one reported by Clinton News Network (CNN) and most of the media, politicians, and pundits. In the one I saw, Donald Trump proved that He could […]

Donald Trump: Just What The Politicians and the Media Need… and Richly Deserve

As of this writing, Donald Trump is surging in the polls and chewing up most of the media time so coveted by his opponents. TV “journalists” and talking heads are clamoring to analyze why and how this Trump-ami is occurring and even sage opinion makers seem overwhelmed in trying to […]